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  • The East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA-HC) in collaboration with Family Health International (FHI), held a regional workshop on expanding community-based access to family planning- focus on injectable contraception.

    Reads: 952
    Author(s): Malkin, M.
  • The Lady Health Worker (LHW) Programme was initiated by the Pakistani Ministry of Health in the early 1990s to integrate family planning into doorstep provision of primary health care. This paper presents findings from the first national evaluation of the Programme. The data provides strong evidence that the Programme succeeded in increasing modern contraceptive use among rural women. The...

    Reads: 870
    Author(s): Douthwaite, M. & Ward P.
  • Through its Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) initiative, Ghana has deployed over 300 auxiliary nurses in 53 of the country’s deprived districts. These nurses, who receive two years of training and the title Community Health Officer (CHO), are part of an innovative approach that shifts staff from low-impact static health centers with limited outreach to high-impact mobile...

    Reads: 966
    Author(s): Acquah, S., Frelick, G., & Matikanya, R.
  • This brief outlines how community based distribution (CBD) of injectable DMPA (Depo-Provera) can be effective. It posits key elements to ensure CBD success: workers must have consistent links to supplies, a system for follow up of clients to ensure they receive their injections every three months and training in how to counsel new DMPA users about side effects, and knowledge of how to rule out...

    Reads: 755
    Author(s): Kenya Ministry of Health, FHI, Save the Children & USAID
  • This tool describes a quality assurance process for ensuring that TB, HIV, and dual-infected clients are provided with quality of care. The approach relies on observation, use of scorable supervisory checklists to assess performance and instructions for addressing low-scoring tasks. Summary data informs improvement actions. Reports are submitted to the local health authorities. The tools are...

    Reads: 1,096
    Author(s): Hausler, H.
  • This tool provides CHWs with 5 key messages as well as visual aids to help treat and prevent lymphatic filariasis in the community.

    Reads: 950
    Author(s): World Health Organization (WHO)
  • This training manual helps participants develop and use activities at the community level to create a supportive environment for work related male engagement. It provides guidance on discussing HIV and AIDS, gender norms, gender equity and creating community action teams.

    Reads: 1,144
    Author(s): The Acquire Project/EngenderHealth and Promundo
  • Task shifting is one approach to address the shortage of health staff by rational redistribution of tasks among health workforce teams. This document contains 22 recommendations and guidelines developed through a process of country consultation, extensive evidence gathering, and broad consultation among a wide range of experts and stakeholders. The recommendations provide the basis for a...

    Reads: 1,648
    Author(s): World Health Organization (WHO)
  • This brief draws on AMREF's experience, looking at three key issues: appropriate training, task-shifting to lower cadres of worker, and training and supporting CHWs to bring health care closer to communities. It emphasizes both the need for global commitment to scale up proven models at the national level and leadership and ownership by African governments.

    Reads: 887
    Author(s): Hall S.
  • This document describes Aphia II Nyanza's 2006-10 strategy to support Kenya's Ministry of Health as well as FBOs and CBOs to: improve and expand facility based services, civil society activities to increase healthy behaviors and care, and support for people and families affected by HIV and AIDS.

    Reads: 924
    Author(s): Engender Health


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