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  • This study documents the perceptions of CHWs on their knowledge and communication needs, image building through mass media and mechanisms for continued education. Focus group discussions were held with health workers and their supervisors in all four provinces in Pakistan. About four fifths of the respondents described their communication skills as moderately sufficient and wanted improvement...

    Reads: 1,960
    Author(s): Haq, Z., and Hafeez, A.
  • The authors conducted a systematic review of studies conducted between 1987 and 2007 in sub-Saharan Africa on the impact of CHW programs on morbidity and mortality of children under six. Seven studies in which CHWs provided curative treatment were included in the review. The authors conclude that CHW programs have the potential to contribute to large gains in child survival. However, the...

    Reads: 991
    Author(s): Christopher, J., Le May, A., Lewin, S., and Ross, D.
  • This document provides guidance and resources for implementing policy recommendations to integrate CHWs into community-based efforts to prevent chronic disease. After providing general information on CHWs in the United States, it sets forth evidence demonstrating the value and impact of CHWs in preventing and managing a variety of chronic diseases, including heart disease and stroke, diabetes...

    Reads: 1,262
    Author(s): CDC
  • This toolkit, designed by the Rural Assistance Center (RAC), provides help in developing CHW programs and resources and  best practices developed by successful CHW program. It is made up of 8 modules, each focusing on different aspects of CHW program, including: introduction to CHW, program models, training approaches, program implementation, planning for sustainability, measuring program...

    Reads: 1,136
    Author(s): Rural Assistance Center (RAC)
  • The Arizona Prevention Research Center's (University of Arizona) Diabetes and the Family Curriculum is a tool for CHWs, focusing on health promotion and chronic disease prevention designed for individuals and their families. The tool is available in both English and Spanish.

    Reads: 1,222
    Author(s): Arizona Prevention Research Center, The University of Arizona
  • This article describes a qualitative study that examines the efficacy of non-financial incentives in sustaining volunteerism among CHWs. The study addresses: the motivation of volunteer CHWs; barriers and de-motivating factors; the effectiveness of non-financial incentives; and the mechanisms by which incentives motivate volunteer CHWs. The study also explores the role of community anchors or...

    Reads: 2,259
    Author(s): The Last 10 Kilometers Project
  • The Arizona Prevention Research Center's (University of Arizona) Steps Forward/Pasos Adelante Curriculum is a tool for CHWs, focusing on health food choices and preparations, chronic disease risk, community health and participant advocacy. It is available in both English and Spanish.

    Reads: 1,326
    Author(s): Arizona Prevention Research Center, The University of Arizona
  • This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention E-Learning training series provides written and audio information regarding what CHWs are and what they do, as well as, details about CHW workforce issues and development, sustainable funding, and moving policy and systems forward. The training also provides links to CHWs resources and programs in the US.

    Reads: 888
    Author(s): CDC
  • This curriculum was created by the Southwest Center for Community Health Promotion at the University of Arizona. The tool was designed for promoters/CHWs to use in their work with clients to prevent and manage diabetes and the mental/emotional health complications associated with diabetes.  The tool is available in both English and Spanish.

    Reads: 1,098
    Author(s): Reinschmidt, K.M., Chong, J.
  • This toolkit provides a variety of resources that form a platform for strengthening policy makers, program managers and service providers' capacity to promote access to maternal, newborn and child heath care. Developed by the Peace Corps,  the toolkit includes information on: pregnancy and birth preparedness; labor, post partum and newborn care; community mobilization; child survival; and...

    Reads: 1,230
    Author(s): Peace Corps


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