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  • This report summarizes six guiding principles and lessons learned that emerged from the work of an MOH/BASICS team developing a community-based IMCI program in Madagascar. The principles elaborated for streamlining community-based programs are: 1. Action-based messages; 2. Easy-to-use front-line teaching tools; 3. Short skill-based trainings; 4. Engaging large numbers of volunteers; 5. Mass...

    Reads: 1,258
    Author(s): Gottert, Peter
  • This brief report outlines AMREF’s experiences promoting task-shifting among health workers through integrating it into training of clinical officers in southern Sudan. After summarizing the challenges addressed, the policies introduced and the outcomes of the project, AMREF concludes that providing technical support and supportive supervision to the Government of Southern Sudan was...

    Reads: 831
    Author(s): AMREF
  • This article reports on the important contributions of community health volunteers in the success of primary health care in Thailand. More than 800,000 health volunteers, including Buddhist monks and their temples, work to promote primary health care and health promotion across the country.

    Reads: 1,100
    Author(s): Treerutkuarkal, Apiradee
  • This study assessed the first year of Ethiopia’s Health Extension Worker (HEW) training program, a central component of the Health Extension Program's (HEP). The authors used a questionnaire and observations on the training program’s inputs, processes, and outputs. They found that the training centers lacked adequate facilities for the HEW trainees and the selection and training processes were...

    Reads: 921
    Author(s): Kitaw, Y., Ye-Ebiyo, Y., Said, A., Desta, H., and Teklehaimanat, A.
  • This study sought to identify best practices in deployment of community health and care workers (CHWs and CCWs). Studies conducted in each of South Africa’s 9 provinces assessed the extent to which CHW deployment has addressed important health priorities; documented success stories and lessons; and developed an understanding of the range of ways that CHW programs have evolved in the country....

    Reads: 1,128
    Author(s): Friedman, I., Ramalepe, M., Matjuis, F., Bhengu, L., Lloyd, B., Mafuleka, A., Ndaba, L., Boloyi, B.
  • This article reports on a study assessing the performance of CHWs in the promotion of basic child health services in rural Mali. The study was conducted as a community based cross-sectional survey. Data were collected from 401 child caregivers and 72 CHWs. Analysis showed a positive influence of CHWs on family health practices. The authors conclude that providing continuous training, transport...

    Reads: 1,069
    Author(s): Perez, F., Ba, H., Dastagire, S., Altman, M.
  • This case study details the “Accelerating Contraceptive Use Project” managed by MSH in Afghanistan between 2004 and 2006. Through the project, four Afghan NGOs, MSH and the Ministry of Public Health worked with CHWs to promote various contraceptive methods for birth spacing. Three components helped the project achieve success at both the community and policy levels: contraceptive technical...

    Reads: 1,039
    Author(s): Management Sciences for Health (MSH)
  • This comprehensive toolkit from Save the Children presents more than 20 integrated tools that can be used to implement integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) strategies to deliver life-saving treatments for common serious childhood infections: pneumonia, newborn sepsis, malaria and diarrhea. The tools offer proven frameworks for training, equipping and supervising CHWs and planning and...

    Reads: 1,324
    Author(s): Save the Children
  • This report summarizes the implementation and findings of the Project for Advancing the Health of Newborns and Mothers (Projahnmo) in Bangladesh. Projahnmo was conceived to test the effectiveness of two different service delivery models of a community-based maternal and newborn care intervention package provided by CHWs, traditional birth attendants and community mobilizers. The study...

    Reads: 1,447
    Author(s): Bacqui, A. and El-Arifeen, S.
  • This article profiles CHWs, including health promoters, traditional birth attendants and traditional healers, serving rural Quechua communities from Ayacucho, Peru. It uses both quantitative and qualitative information from questionnaires, personal interviews and group discussions conducted in 40 communities. The majority of CHWs in Ayacucho are men with limited education who are primarily...

    Reads: 1,153
    Author(s): Brown, A., Malca, R., Zumaran, A. and Miranda, J.


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