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  • Community health workers (CHWs) play a vital and unique role in linking diverse and underserved populations to health and social service systems. Despite their effectiveness, as documented by empirical studies across various disciplines including public health, nursing, and biomedicine, the value and potential role of CHWs in the social work practice and research literature has been largely...

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    Author(s): Michael S. Spencer, Kathryn E. Gunter, and Gloria Palmisano
  • Adequate training and support are critical for community health workers (promotoras de salud in Spanish) to work effectively. Current literature on promotora training is limited by a focus on promotoras' knowledge and satisfaction immediately after training. The relevance of training to subsequent work performance and the need for ongoing training are rarely addressed. This paper describes the...

    Reads: 2,088
    Author(s): Susan M. Swider, Molly Martin, Carmen Lynas, and Steven Rothschild
  • Community health workers (CHWs) are increasingly recognized as a critical link in improving access to services and achieving the health-related Millennium Development Goals. Given the financial and human resources constraints in developing countries, CHWs are expected to do more without necessarily receiving the needed support to do their jobs well.This article presents policy-makers and...

    Reads: 993
    Author(s): Wanda Jaskiewicz, Kate Tulenko
  • Increased utilization of community health workers (CHWs) in the U.S. is coupled with a growing interest in standardized training of, and formal credentialing requirements for, CHWs on the part of state legislatures and federal agencies. The purpose of this qualitative study is to provide a national overview of state policy and state involvement in more formal training and certification of CHWs...

    Reads: 2,990
    Author(s): Southwest Rural Health Research Center

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