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  • This study investigates the motivations of community service (CS) officers to continue to work at the same district hospital for an additional year following their mandatory service. It aims to determine the number of CS officers who remained, the major factors that influenced them to remain, and factors that would encourage more CS officers to stay at the same district hospital.

    Reads: 834
    Author(s): Ross A, Reid S
  • This report reflects on an appropriate incentive package for the provision of care at the community level in Zambia. Human resources shortages, international migration, and a high burden of HIV contribute to an over-stretched public health system and the informal and unplanned delegation of service delivery tasks to volunteers operating at community level. Various incentives structures are...

    Reads: 1,272
    Author(s): Dr. Kanyanta Sunkutu, Dr. Namposya Nampanya-Serpell
  • This advocacy guide offers a strategy to facilitate the adoption of injectable contraceptives into CHW health service delivery programs. It expands on six steps that advocates can take to push for a policy change that would allow CHWs to provide injectables.

    Reads: 1,036
    Author(s): Green, Cynthia P.
  • This is a USAID report of case studies done in Uganda and Swaziland looking at the current policies and approaches to task shifting with regard to HIV/AIDS. The case studies involve interviews and focus group discussions with various health care providers. The report recommends: 1. creating an enabling policy environment for task shifting; 2. integrating task shifting as part of a sector-wide...

    Reads: 1,231
    Author(s): USAID Health Policy Initiative
  • This literature review provides an overview of the concepts and practices among CHWs from across a range of developing and developed countries. The authors review various ways that CHWs have been used in different settings and analyze the role, management, and other factors that influence performance of CHWs. They also illustrate some of the policy challenges that exist in designing effective...

    Reads: 1,369
    Author(s): Prasad BM, VR Muraleedharan
  • This WHO report focuses on the “train” aspect of the task-shifting idea of "treat, train, retain," in the effort to reduce the burden on existing healthcare professionals by shifting certain tasks to others such as CHWs. This paper outlines the WHO’s approach to the training crisis.

    Reads: 946
    Author(s): WHO
  • This training guide focuses on building the capacity of CHWs and volunteers to use counseling cards to promote the health of women and newborns at home through preventive care, identification of problems, and seeking appropriate care. The guide trains CHWs to identify and interact with women of reproductive age, as well as their families, community and religious leaders, and health care...

    Reads: 3,105
    Author(s): Prevention of Postpartum Hemhorrage Initiative (POPPHI)
  • This report examines approaches for the community management of sick children, specifically antimicrobial treatments by CHWs. It is based on an extensive review of literature, including peer reviewed studies, reports, program descriptions and program evaluations.

    Reads: 1,214
    Author(s): Kate Gilroy and Peter Winch of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
  • In an effort to inform future policies and programs, WHO, USAID, and Family Health International (FHI) convened a consultation group on injectable contraceptives and CHWs. The report concludes that CHWs, given appropriate training, can provide contraceptive injectables effectively and that the expanded use of injectable contraceptives by CHWs will provide underserved populations with more...

    Reads: 900
    Author(s): World Health Organization
  • This Reproductive Health Manual for Trainers of CHWs was developed by CEDPA to help organizations that provide reproductive health services through the community-based distribution approach, to train their CHWs in reproductive health. The training manual is based on the premise that reproductive health is a fundamental human right and stresses that informed choice, quality of care, and...

    Reads: 2,185
    Author(s): The Center for Development and Population Activities


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