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  • There is a national movement among community health workers (CHWs) to improve compensation, working conditions, and recognition for the workforce through organizing for policy change.

    As some of the key advocates involved, we describe the development in Massachusetts of an authentic collaboration between strong CHW leaders of a growing statewide CHW association and their public health...

    Reads: 911
    Author(s): Terry Mason, Geoffrey W. Wilkinson, Angela Nannini, Cindy Marti Martin, Durrell J. Fox, and Gail Hirsch
  •  The Non-Traditional Health Worker (NTHW) Subcommittee embarked on a process to develop recommendations on core competencies and education and training requirements for NTHWs, as well as to advise on additional concepts regarding the role of NTHWs. Briefly, the Subcommittee defined the scope of work under the following four roles:

    1. Outreach and Mobilization
    2. Community...
    Reads: 2,641
    Author(s): Oregon Health Policy Board Workforce Committee
  • Community Health Workers (CHWs) play a pivotal role in primary care, serving as liaisons between community members and medical providers. However, the growing reliance of health care systems worldwide on CHWs has outpaced research explaining their praxis – how they combine indigenous and technical knowledge, overcome challenges and impact patient outcomes. This paper thus articulates the CHW...

    Reads: 1,064
    Author(s): Rogério M. Pinto, Sueli Bulhões da Silva, and Rafaela Soriano
  • Research evaluating community health worker (CHW) programs inherently involves these natural community leaders in the research process, and often represents community-based participatory research (CBPR). Interpreting the results of CHW intervention studies and replicating their findings requires knowledge of how CHWs are selected and trained. Consistent reporting of CHW selection and training...

    Reads: 1,188
    Author(s): Matthew J. O’Brien, Allison P. Squires, Rebecca A. Bixby, and Steven C. Larson
  • The North Carolina Breast Cancer Screening Program (NC-BCSP) is devoted to reducing the difference between black and white women’s breast and cervical cancer screening rates and ultimately closing the breast and cervical cancer racial gap that still exists. Our project uses a lay health advisor network to increase cancer screening among older black women in rural communities of eastern North...

    Reads: 1,744
    Author(s): The North Carolina Breast Cancer Screening Program
  • Community Health Workers (CHW) are used throughout the world to promote good health, provide health education, assist in the prevention of disease, and provide basic health and medical care in their communities. CHWs serve the role of front line public health workers in the U.S.-Mexico border region. In the border region, these workers are commonly known as
    promotoras/promotores de...

    Reads: 965
    Author(s): Howard J. Eng, Ana Celia Hernandez-Martinez, Jasmen Dorian
  • A complex set of social, political, historical, environmental, cultural and behavioral factors influence both the management of type 2 diabetes and the sustainability of diabetes self-care practices. No single set of interventions is capable of addressing all of these influences. Rather, multiple approaches that include education, social support, and community programs are needed. These...

    Reads: 1,427
    Author(s): American Association of Diabetes Educators
  • As the US health care system strives to function efficiently, encourage preventive and primary care, improve quality, and overcome nonfinancial barriers to care, the potential exists for community health workers to further these goals. Community health workers can increase access to care and facilitate appropriate use of health resources by providing outreach and cultural linkages between...

    Reads: 1,159
    Author(s): Anne Witmer, Sarena D. Seifer, Leonard Finocchio, Jodi Leslie, and Edward H. O'Neil
  • Community health workers (CHWs) play a vital and unique role in linking diverse and underserved populations to health and social service systems. Despite their effectiveness, as documented by empirical studies across various disciplines including public health, nursing, and biomedicine, the value and potential role of CHWs in the social work practice and research literature has been largely...

    Reads: 1,317
    Author(s): Michael S. Spencer, Kathryn E. Gunter, and Gloria Palmisano
  • Adequate training and support are critical for community health workers (promotoras de salud in Spanish) to work effectively. Current literature on promotora training is limited by a focus on promotoras' knowledge and satisfaction immediately after training. The relevance of training to subsequent work performance and the need for ongoing training are rarely addressed. This paper describes the...

    Reads: 2,029
    Author(s): Susan M. Swider, Molly Martin, Carmen Lynas, and Steven Rothschild


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