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  • This case study was conducted to impart a thorough understanding of Catholic Relief Services’ (CRS) OVC program model in Kenya and to document lessons learned that could be applied to other OVC initiatives. This case study is based upon a program document review; program site visits, including discussions with local staff, volunteers, beneficiaries and community members; as well as...

    Reads: 1,640
    Author(s): Hoffman A, Thurman TR, Chatterji M, Brown L.,
  • The focus of this report is on the critical shortage of health workers in the developing world and the urgent need for more female health workers to save the lives of mothers, newborn babies, and young children. This report identifies countries that have invested in training and deploying more female health workers, shows how these women are delivering lifesaving health care to some of the...

    Reads: 832
    Author(s): Save the Children
  • This paper examines various incentives used to motivate and retain community health workers, particularly those working in child health and nutrition programs in developing countries. Drawing from case studies in Afghanistan, El Salvador, Honduras and Madagascar, the authors recommend a more systematic use of multiple incentives based on an understanding of the different functions of the...

    Reads: 5,951
    Author(s): Karabi Bhattacharyya, Peter Winch, Karen LeBan, and Marie Tien
  • This is a review commissioned by the WHO which aims to assess the existing evidence regarding the feasibility and effectiveness of CHW programs. It is a broad scope paper which uses published and selected ‘grey’ literature available since the 1970s. Some of the topics reviewed are: the role of CHWs, their use, performance, retention, impact effectiveness, and cost effectiveness.

    Reads: 2,248
    Author(s): Uta Lehmann and David Sanders; University of Western Cape, South Africa
  • The Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP) is a community-based program that provides primary care services utilizing village health workers and mobile health teams. The researchers conducted an impact evaluation of CRHP on childhood mortality over the period of September 1992 and December 2007. They concluded that community-based programs such as CRHP can have a lasting impact on child...

    Reads: 746
    Author(s): Mann, Vera
  • This paper provides an overview of programs that use technology and distance education to train CHWs in rural areas. Challenges identified in the paper include: consistent use of definitions; appropriate technology formats; access to technology; cultural competency of faculty; support for faculty and students; and quality assurance. The authors conclude that in order to be successful, these...

    Reads: 924
    Author(s): Department of Health and Human Services - USA
  • This training manual assists community leaders and CHWs to provide correct information on TB and TB/HIV co-infection, as well as on stigma and discrimination. The training prepares CHWs to share information and answer questions about TB and TB/HIV co-infection, promote TB prevention, encourage people to go for TB diagnosis and treatment, and support adherence to TB treatment. CHWs are also...

    Reads: 3,598
    Author(s): Arkangelo Ali Assocation
  • This review paper examines key opportunities and challenges presented when task shifting is used to rapidly expand human resource capacity to address HIV/AIDS. Opportunities include: increasing access to life-saving treatment; improving workforce skills mix and health system efficiency; enhancing the role of the community; cost savings; and reducing attrition and international ‘brain drain’....

    Reads: 1,081
    Author(s): R. Zachariah, N. Ford, M. Philips, S.Lynch, M. Massaquoi, V. Janssens, A.D. Harries
  • This paper outlines the importance of a systems approach when task shifting to CHWs, arguing that it cannot work unless close attention is paid to both the systems that support successful implementation and to needed expansion of human resources within the overall health care system. The paper incorporates discussion on taking a systems approach; the planning and regulatory systems; education...

    Reads: 1,715
    Author(s): Brook K. Baker, David Benton, Eric Friedman, Asia Russell
  • This report analyzes the BRAC model in Bangladesh for Tuberculosis (TB) control and offers an alternate model, a community-based model that relies heavily on community health workers. The importance of utilizing community health workers to reduce the burden of TB is discussed throughout the report. It also speaks to the financial management of TB control programs and the implementation...

    Reads: 926
    Author(s): Ravichandran, N.


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