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  • This work reports the results of semi-structured interviews with 15 international stakeholders, selected because of their experiences in community health worker program implementation, to elicit their views on strategies that could increase community health worker motivation and retention.

    Reads: 1,133
    Author(s): Strachan DL et al.
  • This study compared the performance of community health workers managing malaria and pneumonia with performance of those managing malaria alone in eastern Uganda and the factors influencing performance.

    Reads: 1,172
    Author(s): Kalyango, Rutebemberwa, Alfven, Ssali, Peterson and Karamagi
  • This paper urges scaling up the communityhealth workforce in the United States to improve health outcomes, reduce health care costs, and create jobs. The most crucial lesson from global CHW programs is that the community rootedness of CHWs should be retained through careful, representative selection and by ensuring that CHWs spend most of their time in the community. In the United States,...

    Reads: 2,048
    Author(s): Prabhjot Singh, and Dave A. Chokshi
  • The notion of “reverse innovation”–that some insights from low-income countries might offer transferable lessons for wealthier contexts--is increasingly common in the global health and business strategy literature. Yet the perspectives of researchers and policymakers in settings where these innovations are developed have been largely absent from the discussion to date. In this Commentary, we...

    Reads: 940
    Author(s): Agnes Binagwaho, et al.
  • Developing countries can generate effective solutions for today’s global health challenges. This paper reviews relevant literature to construct the case for international cooperation, and in particular, developed-developing country partnerships. Standard database and web-based searches were conducted for publications in English between 1990 and 2010. Studies containing full or partial data...

    Reads: 1,072
    Author(s): Shamsuzzoha B Syed, Viva Dadwal, Paul Rutter, Julie Storr, Joyce D Hightower, Rachel Gooden, Jean Carlet, Sepideh Bagheri Nejad, Edward T Kelley, Liam Donaldson, and Didier Pittet
  • The Principles of Practice outlined in this document are intended as a framework for advocacy, programming and partnership between implementing NGOs, government and donor agencies working with key CHW cadres in countries for which rapid and urgent scale-up of CHW programs is a priority. They aim to guide NGOs to work with existing health structures through strong, long-term partnerships in...

    Reads: 1,257
    Author(s): Polly R. Walker, Shannon Downey, Lauren Crigler and Karen LeBan
  • Prabhjot Singh and Jeffrey Sachs' Viewpoint (July 27, p 363) describes well the rationale for scaling-up a subsystem of community health workers (CHWs) in sub-Saharan Africa and the progress to date.
    It is well recognised that CHWs can bring multiple benefits to individuals and populations, and improve efficiency and equity within health systems. WHO now recommends an expanded CHW role...

    Reads: 2,267
    Author(s): Matthew Harris
  • A key element of USAID’s strategic approach to maternal and child health (MCH) is to increase the number of functional community health workers serving in USAID priority countries by at least 100,000 by 2013. At the request of the USAID MCH team, the Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) developed a tool that defines a set of key elements needed for community health worker programs to function...

    Reads: 6,708
    Author(s): Rebecca Furth, Lauren Crigler, Donna Bjerregaard
  • Newborn Care Video Series

    Newborns die at alarming rates in the developing world, more than 3 million every year. Most can be saved with low-cost, low-tech interventions. Our newborn care series brings alive these lifesaving interventions in a memorable and engaging way to help health workers learn and save newborn lives.

    Reads: 1,586
  • In rural areas of Kenya, where the majority of the population lives, contraceptive use remains low compared with that in urban areas (37% vs. 47%). Inadequate access to family planning services in rural areas is partly due to fewer health facilities and the shortage of health care workers. Community-based access to injectable contraceptives can improve access for rural populations and expand...

    Reads: 1,066
    Author(s): Alice Auma Olawo, Issak Bashir, Marsden Solomon,a John Stanback,c Baker Maggwa Ndugga, Isaac Malonzad


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