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  • This paper reports on a qualitative study of the experiences of three CHW supervisors who were responsible for supporting infant feeding peer counselors in three diverse settings in South Africa. This study highlights the need to pay attention to the experiences of supervisors in order to better understand the components and complexities of supervision in the field. Such understanding can...

    Reads: 1,000
    Author(s): Daniels, K., Nor, B., Jackson, D., Ekström, E., Doherty, T.
  • In 2005, a three-year multi-country study was launched to examine how the Community Directed Intervention (CDI) approach, which had been remarkably successful in distributing ivermectin for treatment of onchocerciasis, could be used alongside ivermectin for integrated delivery (or co-implementation) of four other health interventions: Vitamin A supplementation, distribution of insecticide-...

    Reads: 1,862
    Author(s): World Health Organization (WHO)
  • This trial sought to determine if misoprostol is safe and efficacious in preventing postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) when administered by trained birth attendants (TBAs) at home deliveries. The authors found that the administration of misoprostol by trained TBAs at home deliveries reduced the rate of PPH by 24%. The authors note that continued training and skill building for TBAs, along with...

    Reads: 1,258
    Author(s): Mobeen, N., Durocher, J., Zuberi, N., Jahan, N., Blum, J., Wasim, J., et al.
  • From the World Health Organization: A global consultation of programme managers, policy makers and experts was convened by the Alliance in April 2010 in Montreux, Switzerland, to review the recommendations of a systematic review on Community Health Workers (CHWs), share experiences, and develop broad agreement on key messages for countries to use to integrate CHWs into their national health...

    Reads: 2,319
    Author(s): Global Health Workforce Alliance
  • In response to widespread recognition of the need to scale up community health workers as a part of primary health systems in sub-Saharan Africa, this technical report was prepared to consolidate scientific and implementation experience in a series of recommendations and guidelines. This technical taskforce report focuses on providing broad cost guidance, deployment strategy and operational...

    Reads: 1,938
    Author(s): The Earth Institute, Columbia University
  • This paper summarizes the key features of the emerging national CHW program in South Africa. This includes CHWs' integration into a national public works program and the use of non-governmental organizations as intermediaries. The paper also reports on one province, the Free State investigating CHW numbers and training, specifically with regard to HIV services between 2004 and 2006. The...

    Reads: 1,303
    Author(s): Helen Schneider, Hlengiwe Hlophe and Dingie van Rensburg
  • This study assesses community acceptability of the use of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) by Ugandan CHWs, locally referred to as community medicine distributors (CMDs).  The study found that the use of RDTs by CMDs is likely to be acceptable by community members provided that CMDs are properly trained, and receive regular technical supervision and logistical support. A well-designed behavior...

    Reads: 1,222
    Author(s): David Mukanga, James K Tibenderana, Juliet Kiguli, George W Pariyo, Peter Waiswa, Francis Bajunirwe, Brian Mutamba, Helen Counihan, Godfrey Ojiambo, Karin Kallander
  • This study investigates reasons for high rates of CHW attrition in Sylhet District in northeastern Bangladesh. The framework presented in this paper illustrates the decision-making process women go through when deciding to become, or continue as, a CHW. Factors such as job satisfaction, community valuation of CHW work, and fulfillment of pre-hire expectations all need to be addressed...

    Reads: 2,181
    Author(s): Syed Moshfiqur Rahman, Nabeel Ashraf Ali, Larissa Jennings, M Habibur R Seraji, Ishtiaq Mannan Rasheduzzaman Shah, Arif Billah Al-Mahmud, Sanwarul Bari, Daniel Hossain, Milan Krishna Das, Abdullah H Baqui, Shams El Arifeen and Peter J Winch
  • This guide outlines the type of information and approaches that Healthy Villages managers could provide to their communities; it can be used as the basis for developing material that is specific to regions or to entire countries. Healthy Villages deals with achieving good health through: water, excreta disposal, drainage, solid waste management, housing quality, hygiene, providing health care...

    Reads: 3,100
    Author(s): Guy Howard, Water, Engineering and Development Centre, Loughborough University, Loughborough, England
  • This study assesses the career goals of local Aboriginal Health Workers (AHWs) and community stakeholders to identify barriers to undertaking advanced health education. It uses open-ended interviews with nine participants in two communities in Northwest Queensland, Australia and found that, although interest in careers like medicine and nursing were expressed, the majority of participants...

    Reads: 1,145
    Author(s): CM Felton-Busch, SD Solomon, KE McBain, S De La Rue


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