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  • This review examines evidence from randomized control trials (RCT) on CHW interventions in integrated management of childhood illnesses in low and middle income countries from a realist perspective with the aim of seeing if they can yield insight into the working of the interventions, when examined from a different perspective. Interventions to improve CHW performance included: ‘Skills based...

    Reads: 997
    Author(s): Sumit S Kane, Barend Gerretsen, Robert Scherpbier, Mario Dal Poz, Marjolein Dieleman
  • This qualitative study evaluated the role of CHWs in the health system in both HIV and non-HIV-related services in rural Haiti and investigated the challenges and facilitating factors for their work. CHWs contributed to a wide range of primary health services and non-HIV related activities. Recognition from the community, status, satisfaction of contributing to the well-being of others and...

    Reads: 1,372
    Author(s): Gregory Jerome and Louise C. Ivers
  • This article investigates whether present CHW programmes for antiretroviral treatment are taking into account lessons learnt from past experiences with community health worker programmes in primary health care and to what extent they are seizing the new antiretroviral treatment-specific opportunities. Our appraisal of six CHW programmes, identified during field work in Ethiopia, Malawi and...

    Reads: 1,838
    Author(s): Katharina Hermann, Wim Van Damme, George W Pariyo, Erik Schouten, Yibeltal Assefa, Anna Cirera and William Massavon
  • This article presents findings from a study of female peer facilitators involved in a community-based maternal and newborn health intervention in urban slum areas of Mumbai. Using qualitative methods we explore their role perceptions and experiences. Our findings focus on how the facilitators understand and enact their role in the community setting, how they negotiate relationships and health...

    Reads: 1,009
    Author(s): Glyn A. Alcock, Neena Shah More, Sarita Patil, Maya Porel, Leena Vaidya and David Osrin
  • This report discusses the renewed interest in the potential contribution of community health workers to child survival. CHWs can undertake various tasks, including case management of childhood illnesses (e.g., pneumonia, malaria, and neonatal sepsis) and delivery of preventive interventions such as immunisation, promotion of healthy behaviour, and mobilisation of communities. Several trials...

    Reads: 1,603
    Author(s): Andy Haines, David Sanders, Uta Lehmann, Alexander K Rowe, Joy E Lawn, Steve Jan, Damian G Walker, Zulfi qar Bhutta
  • The objective of this article is to examine the remains of the Community-Based Reproductive Health Project (CBRHP) implemented by CARE-Tanzania to address high maternal mortality in two rural districts. The two components of CBRHP, work of VHWs and community-financing for emergency transport systems in six villages, have continued. Both of these promote maternal health and linkages with the...

    Reads: 1,009
    Author(s): Indu B. Ahluwalia, Dorcas Robinson, Lisa Vallely, Karen E. Gieseker and Alfreda Kabakama
  • This report is the result of research undertaken in Ethiopia as part of a broader multi-country research project commissioned by the Caregivers Action Network (CAN) to review community and home-based care (CHBC), especially in regards to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. 

    Reads: 824
    Author(s): Caregivers Action Network
  • The Health Extension Program is one of the most innovative community-based health programs in Ethiopia. It is based on the assumption that access to and quality of primary health care in rural communities can be improved through transfer of health knowledge and skills to households. Since it became operational in 2004–2005, the Program has had a tangible effect on the thinking and practices of...

    Reads: 1,423
    Author(s): Hailom Banteyerga
  • This document is part of a series that makes up the USAID/BASICS Newborn Health tool kit. The entire toolkit is comprised of a reference manual, technical presentations, facilitator’s guide, participant’s notebook, clinical logbook and tools for monitoring and evaluation. This document is the Clinical Logbook that can help health workers and training participants to maintain information on...

    Reads: 2,019
    Author(s): Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage Initiative (POPPHI)
  • This is an interview guide for CHWs, PLHA Support Group Members, Village Health Committees and Community Dialogue Groups. It is written for Rwanda, but can be adapted for use in other countries affected by HIV/AIDS. It specifically addresses pediatric HIV case identification, and referral and care at the community level for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).

    Reads: 1,531
    Author(s): Basic Support for Institutionalizing Child Survival (BASICS)


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