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  • This review examined the effectiveness of interventions for improving the performance of CHWs in low- and middle-income countries. 

    Reads: 194
    Author(s): Madeleine Ballard and Paul Montgomery
  • This review covers studies published since 2005 that involve attrition rates of health workers. Understanding attrition from the health workforce is critical to workforce planning, especially since many places have shortages of health workers.

    Reads: 145
    Author(s): Sofia Castro Lopes, Maria Guerra-Arias, James Buchan, Francisco Pozo-Martin, and Andrea Nove
  • This resource from USAID and MCHIP provides an overview of large-scale CHW programs from 13 countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Case studies address the historical context of CHWs, the health needs of the country, the scope of work of the CHWs, CHW training, support and supervision, and financing of...

    Reads: 1,384
    Author(s): Henry Perry, Rose Zulliger, Kerry Scott, Dena Javadi, Jessica Gergen, Katharine Shelley, Lauren Crigler, Iain Aitken, Said Habib Arwal, Novia Afdhila, Yekoyesew Worku, Jon Rohde, Zayna Chowdhury, Rachel Strodel
  • In Madagascar 83% of the country’s 22.9 million people live in rural areas that can be difficult to access. CHWs play a crucial role in providing access to healthcare in those parts of the country that are underserved. Over 34,000 CHWs work to extend basic health services such as maternal and child health, family planning and reproductive health, nutrition, TB, and sanitation services. This ...

    Reads: 629
    Author(s): Management Sciences for Health (MSH) under the African Strategies for Health (ASH) project with support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • In light of the health worker shortage due to the post-conflict period and Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, it is crucially important to understand different motivation factors for rural health workers, including doctors, nurses, midwives and Community Health Workers. Researchers conducted 23 participatory life histories with health workers, revealing that the context of the rural healthcare...

    Reads: 639
    Author(s): Haja R. wurie, Mohamed Samai, and Sophie Witter
  • For India’s public health system to deliver effectively, it is imperative that policymakers place a strategic focus on tackling persistent HRH issues such as chronic shortage of health workers, unbalanced skill mix in the existing health workforce, and inequitable urban-rural distribution of health workers. Taking optimal health care to the farthest corners of the country is critical to the...

    Reads: 733
    Author(s): Amit Paliwal, Marc Luoma and Carlos Avila
  • This report, developed in The Center for the Health Professions at the University of California, San Francisco, explores the role of community health workers and promotores in California. It reviews the history and background of the movement, work and practice patterns such as education, demographics, wages and training, and issues of credentialing and certification, regulation, and policy...

    Reads: 1,181
    Author(s): Dennis Keane, Christine Nielsen, and Catherine Dower
  • ​This publication aimed to conduct a thematic review of how mHealth projects have approached the intersection of cellular technology and public health in low- and middle-income countries and identify the promising practices and experiences learned, as well as novel and innovative approaches of how mHealth can support community health workers.

    The review revealed that there are very few...

    Reads: 795
    Author(s): Karin Källander; James K Tibenderana; Onome J Akpogheneta; Daniel L Strachan; Zelee Hill; Augustinus H A ten Asbroek; Lesong Conteh; Betty R Kirkwood,
  • During the last decade child mortality has reduced significantly in a number of African countries, largely due to the scale up of appropriate management of diarrhoea, pneumonia and malaria, three leading causes of death among young children. As a way of increasing access to treatment for sick children, several African countries are investing in community health workers (CHWs) to deliver...

    Reads: 771
    Author(s): Tine Frank, Karin Kallander
  • The Mitanin Programme, a government community health worker (CHW) programme, was started in Chhattisgarh State of India in 2002. The CHWs (Mitanins) have consistently adopted roles that go beyond health programme- specific interventions to embrace community mobilization and action on local priorities. The aim of this research was to document how and why the Mitanins have been able to act on...

    Reads: 684
    Author(s): Sulakshana Nandi and Helen Schneider


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