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Community Discussion Guide for Maternal and Newborn Health Care: A Training Manual for Safe Motherhood Action Groups

This guide contains detailed guidance on how to train safe motherhood action group volunteers in two key areas of their portfolio – maternal and newborn health care. It was successfully used in six rural districts of Zambia.

Community Home-Based Care for People and Communities Affected by HIV/AIDS: Training Course and Handbook for Community Health Workers

This pre-tested and peer-reviewed curriculum focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for providing holistic CHBC for people living with HIV/AIDS, transferring knowledge and skills to caregivers and CHBC clients, and mobilizing communities around HIV/AIDS prevention, care, treatment, and support. The trainer’s guide includes comprehensive units that cover topics from HIV basics, communication skills, nursing care, nutrition, positive living, family planning, HIV prevention, and ART to community mobilization.

Community Health Worker Assessment and Improvement Matrix (CHW AIM): A Toolkit for Improving CHW Programs and Services

A key element of USAID’s strategic approach to maternal and child health (MCH) is to increase the number of functional community health workers serving in USAID priority countries by at least 100,000 by 2013. At the request of the USAID MCH team, the Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) developed a tool that defines a set of key elements needed for community health worker programs to function effectively and that evaluate programs on specific criteria, which were defined by recent literature reviews on CHW programs (see link below) and by suggestions from experts.

Global Health Media Project - Newborn Care Video Series

Newborn Care Video Series

Newborns die at alarming rates in the developing world, more than 3 million every year. Most can be saved with low-cost, low-tech interventions. Our newborn care series brings alive these lifesaving interventions in a memorable and engaging way to help health workers learn and save newborn lives.

The Community Health Worker’s Sourcebook: A Training Manual for Preventing Heart Disease and Stroke

Community health workers (CHWs) can play a critical role in promoting healthy living by educating community members about heart disease and stroke prevention and by helping people understand the importance of health care self-management, especially in underserved communities throughout the United States.

Handbook for Enhancing Community Health Worker Programs: Guidance for the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (Part 1)

This handbook contains a synthesis of the most current information available for developing and managing effective community health worker programs. A description of key components of effective community health worker programs is provided, along with action templates to develop tools for applying what is learned. Upon completing this manual, the reader will build skills in community assessment; program planning; recruiting; training; managing and maintaining community health workers; and evaluation of community health worker programs.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Messages for Community Health Worker Programs: A Training Packet (Part 2)

This training packet provides an introduction to interactive methods for training community health workers, and three lesson plans for training CHWs to include breast and cervical cancer messages in their work. The included lesson plans are (a) key facts about finding breast and cervical cancer early; (b) barriers to breast and cervical cancer screening, and (c) encouraging women to get screened for breast and cervical cancer. Trainer resources, handouts of additional information for participants, and transparencies are also contained in the training packet.

Nutrition Program Design Assistant

The Nutrition Program Design Assistant: A Tool for Program Planners helps program planning teams select appropriate community‐based nutrition approaches for specific target areas. The tool has two components: 1) a reference guide that provides guidance on analyzing the nutrition situation, identifying program approaches and selecting a combination of approaches that best suits the situation, resources and objectives and; 2) a workbook where the team records information, decisions and decision‐making rationale.

Integrated Maternal and Newborn Care: Basic Skills Course

This document is part of a series that makes up the USAID/BASICS Newborn Health tool kit. The entire toolkit is comprised of a reference manual, technical presentations, facilitator’s guide, participant’s notebook, clinical logbook and tools for monitoring and evaluation.

Community-Based Access to Injectables: An Advocacy Guide

This advocacy guide offers a strategy to facilitate the adoption of injectable contraceptives into CHW health service delivery programs. It expands on six steps that advocates can take to push for a policy change that would allow CHWs to provide injectables.


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