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The community health worker as interlocutor in complementary feeding in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

This paper assesses the knowledge of community health workers (CHWs) regarding complementary feeding and it factors that influence its practice- socioeconomic, work schedules and resources available in primary health care facilities. Questionnaires were designed to test their knowledge and comparisons were drawn between responses recorded from health services and CHWs.

Enabling Community Health Worker Recognition and Referral of Surgical Diseases: Pilot Study Results of a Pictorial Guide

Access to surgical care represents a pressing challenge in LMICs, particularly for vulnerable populations. Community health workers (CHWs) and lay people play diverse roles in primary health care in these settings. However, they remain disconnected from surgical care in most environments. This study looked to assess the degree to which CHW understanding of surgical conditions could be improved using a pictorial based manual. The assessment was carried out using questionnaire instruments and context specific focus groups in Central America.

'We Are the People Whose Opinions Don't Matter'. A Photovoice Study Exploring Challenges Faced by Community Health Workers in Uganda

Understanding the experiences of community health workers (CHWs) is essential in order to gauge the support and resources they require to effectively provide care to the populations they serve. The use of participatory visual methods (PVMs) to develop this understanding has been relatively underexplored. This study captures the challenges faced by CHWs through the use of a PVM, photovoice. The study looks at 8 CHWs over 6 weeks through 62 relevant photographs along with individual interviews and group discussions.

Effect of a Community Health Worker-Based Approach to Integrated Cardiovascular Risk Factor Control in India: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

Several previous studies have evaluated the ability of community health workers (CHWs) to target individual cardiovascular risk factors. This study presents findings from a randomized control trial aimed at integrating CHW lead efforts for hypertension, diabetes and smoking control. It revealed that CHWs have a significant effort on hypertension and promotes the use of home-based care for cardiovascular risk factors through CHWs in LMICs.

“Because Even the Person Living With HIV/AIDS Might Need to Make Babies” – Perspectives on the Drivers of Feasibility and Acceptability of an Integrated Community Health Worker Model in Iringa, Tanzania

Countries with health workforce shortages are rely on community health workers (CHWs) to extend a diverse set of services to the community. However, there may be a limit to the number of tasks a CHW can perform without causing a severe decline in quality or productivity. This study assessed the viability of an existing program in Iringa, Tanzania in which HIV-focused CHWs working as volunteers received additional training on maternal, newborn and child health promotion; thereby, establishing a new dual CHW model.

Integrating Community Health Worker Roles to Improve Facility Delivery Utilization in Tanzania: Evidence from an Interrupted Time Series Analysis

There has been a renewed interest in the diverse role Community Health Workers (CHWs) play in the community. This study looks at the impact of an integrated HIV and maternal health program in Tanzania. The objective was to see how the program improved facility promotion and utilization of maternal health services.

Outsiders, insiders, and intermediaries: village health teams’ negotiation of roles to provide high quality sexual, reproductive and HIV care in Nakaseke, Uganda

Community health workers, or Village Health Teams (VHTs) as they are referred to un Uganda, play a vital role in improving access to community-based health services. This project aimed to understand the versatile role played by VHTs as part of the community and as care providers. It focused on sensitive services, such as reproductive health and HIV care.

Effects of a Community Health Worker-Led Multimedia Intervention on the Uptake of Cervical Cancer Screening among South Asian Women: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

The uptake of cervical cancer screening services is low among South Asian women. Multimedia interventions facilitated by community health workers (CHW) offer an approach to improve screening service utilization rates. This randomized controlled pilot study evaluated the feasibility and preliminary effects of a CHW-led intervention on improving cervical cancer screening uptake in an underprivileged group.

The division of labour between community medicine distributors influences the reach of mass drug administration: A cross-sectional study in rural Uganda

Community based mass drug administration (MDA) has been used as strategy for countering neglected tropical diseases. However, there is little known about what combination of community medicine distributor workload is ideal for attaining high treatment rates (over 65-75%) in villages. This study involved tracking and evaluating routine community-based MDA in the Mayuge district of Uganda. The workloads of different community medicine distributors were used to determine the optimal division of labor for attaining high village treatment rates.

The roles of community health workers who provide maternal and newborn health services: case studies from Africa and Asia.

Community health workers (CHWs) play a vital role in provision of maternal and newborn health (MNH) services in low- and middle-income settings. However, a better understanding of the roles CHWs play in each setting: services, responsibilities, training duration and type of renumeration. This study presents information on CHWs providing MNH services in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Malawi and Nigeria. Data from 23 policy documents, 36 focus group discussions and 131 key information interviews are analyzed and interpreted.


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