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It’s about time: WHO and partners release programming strategies for postpartum family planning

The postpartum period is a critical time to address high unmet family planning need and to reduce the risks of closely spaced pregnancies. Practical tools are included in the new resource for integrating postpartum family planning at points when women have frequent health system contact, including antenatal care, labor and delivery, postnatal care, immunization, and child health care. Actions at various levels, including community health workers are necessary in order to offer the  family planning services that postpartum women want and deserve. 

Best Practice Guidelines for Implementing and Evaluating Community Health Worker Programs in Health Care Settings

There is a growing movement among health care organizations to adopt the Community Health Worker (CHW) model into their system as a way to provide comprehensive care to patients and community members. At the same time there is uncertainty about how to implement the CHW model to achieve better patient outcomes, higher quality of care, and lower health care costs. With generous funding from the Lloyd A.

CHW Program Functionality Improvement, Performance and Engagement: Operations Research Results from Zambia

The United Nations Millennium Project identified the large-scale training and deployment of community health workers (CHWs) as an important strategy for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). However, programs involving CHWs are also known to be fraught with significant human resources challenges. The USAID Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) developed the Community Health Worker Assessment and Improvement Matrix (CHW AIM) to help assess CHW program functionality and to provide benchmarks against which to measure program improvements.

Integrated Maternal and Newborn Care: Basic Skills Course

This document is part of a series that makes up the USAID/BASICS Newborn Health tool kit. The entire toolkit is comprised of a reference manual, technical presentations, facilitator’s guide, participant’s notebook, clinical logbook and tools for monitoring and evaluation.

BASICS Pediatric HIV Tool-kit: Orphan and Vulnerable Children Situational Analysis Interview Guide for Community Groups

This is an interview guide for CHWs, PLHA Support Group Members, Village Health Committees and Community Dialogue Groups. It is written for Rwanda, but can be adapted for use in other countries affected by HIV/AIDS. It specifically addresses pediatric HIV case identification, and referral and care at the community level for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).

Community-Based Access to Injectables: An Advocacy Guide

This advocacy guide offers a strategy to facilitate the adoption of injectable contraceptives into CHW health service delivery programs. It expands on six steps that advocates can take to push for a policy change that would allow CHWs to provide injectables.

A Guide for Training Community Health Workers/Volunteers to Provide Maternal and Newborn Health Messages

This training guide focuses on building the capacity of CHWs and volunteers to use counseling cards to promote the health of women and newborns at home through preventive care, identification of problems, and seeking appropriate care. The guide trains CHWs to identify and interact with women of reproductive age, as well as their families, community and religious leaders, and health care providers at facilities.

Reproductive Health Manual for Trainers of Community Health Workers

This Reproductive Health Manual for Trainers of CHWs was developed by CEDPA to help organizations that provide reproductive health services through the community-based distribution approach, to train their CHWs in reproductive health. The training manual is based on the premise that reproductive health is a fundamental human right and stresses that informed choice, quality of care, and increased sensitivity to women’s needs, focusing on family planning (FP) is an integral part of reproductive health. It includes four modules: 1. Basic concepts of reproductive health and family planning, 2.

Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancy: A Trainer's Reference Guide

This is a resource for trainers developing in-service training for facility-based healthcare providers and CHWs who already have some basic experience with reproductive health and family planning. It is a reference guide to be used by trainers and can be adapted depending on whether trainees are facility-based or community-based.

Task Shifting: rational redistribution of tasks among health workforce teams: global recommendations and guidelines

WHO puts forward a set of 22 recommendations to provide guidance to countries considering adopting or extending a task-shifting approach. These recommendations were developed through a one-year process of country consultation, extensive data-gathering, and broad consultation among a wide range of experts and stakeholders.


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