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"'I'm a Health Worker' - Abduaraman Gidi" made by IntraHealth International.

(Re)Building health systems in West Africa: what role for ICT and mobile technologies?

The aim of the (Re)Building health systems in West Africa: what role for ICT and mobile technologies? meeting at Wilton Park was to understand better the role of ICT and mobile technologies for rebuilding and creating strong health systems in West Africa after the Ebola crisis. The meeting also aimed to identify lessons that could be taken beyond West Africa and used more broadly for health system strengthening in resource-poor settings globally.

Payday, ponchos, and promotions: a qualitative analysis of perspectives from non-governmental organization programme managers on community health worker motivation and incentives

Community health workers (CHWs) have been central to broadening the access and coverage of preventative and curative health services worldwide. Much has been debated about how to best remunerate and incentivize this workforce, varying from volunteers to full time workers. Policy bodies, including the WHO and USAID, now advocate for regular stipends.

How CHW Leadership Strengthens Certification: A View from Two States

Shared during the 2015 American Public Health Association (APHA), this document summarizes CHW certification initiatives, describes certification in Florida and Massachusetts, and shares lessons about certification that may be useful in other states. 

Establishing Village Health Clubs to improve community health worker motivation and performance

Malaria Consortium’s inSCALE project has been working in Uganda to help scale up quality integrated community case management programmes to improve child health. This Learning Paper details the process of establishing Village Health Clubs with the aim of improving the motivation and performance of community health workers – known as village health team members (VHTs) in Uganda.

Community health workers can improve child growth of antenatally-depressed, South African mothers: a cluster randomized controlled trial

Maternal antenatal depression has long-term consequences for children’s health. We examined if home visits by community health workers (CHW) can improve growth outcomes for children of mothers who are antenatally depressed.

Identifying common impairments in frail and dependent older people: validation of the COPE assessment for non-specialised health workers in low resource primary health care settings

Among older people, impairments in mobility, nutrition, vision, hearing, cognition, mood, and behaviour make an important contribution to years lived with disability, and dependence, and mortality. A recent systematic review concluded that, in primary care and community settings, interventions targeting risk factors and functional impairments may be more effective than disease specific interventions at alleviating burden in older people with complex multimorbidity.

iCCM Project Model Orientation Series: Global Health and WASH

As a part of World Vision's Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) Project Model Orientation Series, this webinar shares iCCM-focused strategies to effectively address health challenges experienced by mothers, children, and populations impacted by HIV and AIDS, and address WASH issues.  

The webinar includes information about iCCM, World Vision's approach using an iCCM strategy, preparatory and operational tools, the global status of iCCM in World Vision, and a financing model for iCCM.  

Community Health Worker Programming: Quality Standards for Design and Implementation of CHW Programme Models

World Vision is currently engaged in a wide range of community health activities worldwide, many of which draw on the efforts of community health workers or CHWs. CHWs are community-based members who have been trained to deliver basic health services but who do not hold a professional health qualification.

Engaging community health workers in maternal and newborn care in eastern Uganda

Community health workers (CHWs) have been employed in a number of low- and middle-income countries as part of primary health care strategies, but the packages vary across and even within countries. The experiences and motivations of a multipurpose CHW in providing maternal and newborn health have not been well described.


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