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Malaria case management commodity supply and use by community health workers in Mozambique, 2017

Community health workers (CHWs) have aided healthcare delivery world-wide in terms of preventive care and integrated community case management (iCCM). However, there is limited data regarding their role in malaria supply chain management. This study looks at how CHWs aid delivery of malaria iCCM kit commodities in Mozambique. The kit involves rapid diagnostic tests and artemether-lumefantrine (AL) treatments.

Improving Access to Antenatal Care in Ngara, Tanzania Through Implementation of the Lady Health Worker Programme

Combatting maternal mortality is a major public health challenge in Tanzania. This problem persists due to lack of providers, poor quality of care and inaccessibility to care. This analysis looks at the effectiveness of implementing the Lady Health Worker Program (LHWP) across three healthcare facilities in the Ngara district of Tanzania. The analysis involves a comparison of outcomes before and after program implementation.

A Self-Management Training Intervention: Perceptions and Practices of Community Health Workers in South Africa

Community health workers (CHWs) are being used increasingly world over as a strategy to improve access to healthcare, particularly in rural communities. However, interventions targeted as improving their skill set and bringing about health behavior change are essential. This article presents findings from systematic, in-depth interviews conducted with CHWs in South Africa to understand their insights on self-management (SM) training.

Empowering Community Health Workers With Mobile Technology to Treat Diabetes

The global prevalence of diabetes has been rising steadily since the 1980s and low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are struggling to manage the epidemic. This article looks at a clinical decision support smartphone app designed to provide support to community health workers in rural Guatemala . The app aids with lay help community health workers manage diabetes among patients.


Setting the global research agenda for community health systems: literature and consultative review

Post the recent Astana Declaration, there has been a renewed interest in building momentum for strengthening community health systems. This review  proposes a global research agenda to improve community health worker programs.


Podcast: Roundtable Discussion with the Community Health Team from Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Western Uganda

Uganda Podcast.jpgIn the Kasese district of western Uganda, the Bugoye Health Center (a public sector health center in Uganda) and Mbarara University of Science and Technology have partnered with Massachusetts General Hospital to strengthen the local health system, working with community health workers in this endeavor. Dr.

The Opioid Crisis and the Role of Community Health Workers

The epidemic of opioid addiction has spread at a rapid pace across the United States since the 1990s. A number of medical and non medical factors have contributed to its progression. As such, Community Health Workers play an important role in addressing social determinants of health and ensuring access to care. 

Policy review on the management of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia by community health workers in Mozambique

Pre-eclampsia is one of the major contributors to maternal deaths in the Mozambique. This study looks to identify and review health policies associated with CHW management of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia.

Integrating community health workers into the formal health system to improve performance: a qualitative study on the role of on-site supervision in the South African programme

This qualitative study compared the affects of two CHW supervision models – clinic-based supervision versus community-based supervision – on CHW team performance. It also examined CHW team performance when supervised by a senior nurse versus a junior nurse.   The study outlines some of the characteristics of effective supervision and finds that CHWs supervised in facilities by senior nurses are better integrated with facility teams and more able to ensure continuity of care.

Proximity to a community health worker is associated with utilization of malaria treatment services in the community among under-five children: a cross-sectional study in rural Uganda

Health facilities are difficult to access in rural parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. For malaria, poor access contributes to delayed treatment.  Community Health Workers provide a viable option for extending access to prompt malaria treatment. This study evaluated utilization of CHW service in relation distance from the CHW.  


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