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Scaling Up Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Illness: Update from Malawi

This paper documents progress in the scale up of a program to train an existing cadre of community based health workers, known as health surveillance assistants, to provide integrated community case management of childhood illness between 2008 and 2011. It describes some critical challenges that affect the effectiveness and sustainability of the program, and proposes solutions.

Health Systems Supports for Community Case Management of Childhood Illness: Lessons from an Assessment of Early Implementation in Malawi

This paper presents the results of a mixed-methods assessment of selected health systems supports for community-based health workers in a national community case management program for childhood illness in Malawi during the first year of implementation.

Insights from Community Case Management Data in Six Sub-Saharan African Countries

This study analyzed monitoring data from community case management (CCM) programs supported by the International Rescue Committee, covering over 2 million treatments provided from 2004 to 2011 in six countries by 12,181 community health workers to generate evidence on how to implement CCM.

Community Health Workers Providing Government Community Case Management for Child Survival in Sub-Saharan Africa: Who Are They and What Are They Expected to Do?

This article describes community health workers (CHWs) in government community case management (CCM) programs for child survival across sub-Saharan Africa. There were diverse incentives, training, and methods of treatment. Even if CHWs are as varied as the health systems in which they work, more work must be done in terms of the design and implementation of the CHW programs for them to realize their potential.

Comparison of Methods for Assessing Quality of Care for Community Case Management of Sick Children: An Application with Community Health Workers in Malawi

As part of an assessment of quality of community case management services in Malawi, this report examines the bias associated with measuring community health worker performance by using register reviews, case scenarios, and direct observation only methods compared with direct observation with re-examination by a higher-level clinician, and discusses the relative strengths and weaknesses of the four assessment methods in the Malawi context.

Interventions to Improve Motivation and Retention of Community Health Workers Delivering Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM): Stakeholder Perceptions and Priorities

This work reports the results of semi-structured interviews with 15 international stakeholders, selected because of their experiences in community health worker program implementation, to elicit their views on strategies that could increase community health worker motivation and retention.

Performance of community health workers under integrated community case management of childhood illnesses in eastern Uganda

This study compared the performance of community health workers managing malaria and pneumonia with performance of those managing malaria alone in eastern Uganda and the factors influencing performance.

CHW “Principles of Practice”

The Principles of Practice outlined in this document are intended as a framework for advocacy, programming and partnership between implementing NGOs, government and donor agencies working with key CHW cadres in countries for which rapid and urgent scale-up of CHW programs is a priority.

Global Health Media Project - Newborn Care Video Series

Newborn Care Video Series

Newborns die at alarming rates in the developing world, more than 3 million every year. Most can be saved with low-cost, low-tech interventions. Our newborn care series brings alive these lifesaving interventions in a memorable and engaging way to help health workers learn and save newborn lives.

Community Health Workers: Integral Members of the Health Care Work Force

As the US health care system strives to function efficiently, encourage preventive and primary care, improve quality, and overcome nonfinancial barriers to care, the potential exists for community health workers to further these goals.


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