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Addressing Chronic Disease through Community Health Workers: A policy and systems-level approach

This document provides guidance and resources for imple­menting recommendations to integrate community health workers (CHWs) into community-based efforts to prevent chronic disease. After providing general information on CHWs in the United States, this document sets forth evidence demonstrat­ing the value and impact of CHWs in preventing and managing a variety of chronic diseases, including heart disease and stroke, diabetes, and cancer.

Achieving the Triple Aim: Success with Community Health Workers

For decades, community health workers (CHWs) have played a critical role in public health efforts in Massachusetts to improve population health and to ensure that all residents of the state receive quality services. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) has long been a national leader in supporting the CHW workforce through programmatic and policy initiatives.

Community Tool Box

The Community Tool Box is a free, online resource for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change. Our mission is to promote community health and development by connecting people, ideas, and resources. 

The Tool Box consists of 46 chapters with topics ranging from community assessment to strategic planning to leadership and management.  Each chapter also contains a related toolkit that can be utilized by your organization or used as a teaching tool.  

Advancing Community Health Workers to Improve Health Outcomes and Reduce Costs: Recommendations for the California State Health Care Innovation Plan

This report includes many excellent suggestions for how CHWs can be meaningfully incorporated into our four key Innovation Plan initiatives - Accountable Communities for Health, Health Homes for Patients with Complex Needs, Maternity Care, and Palliative Care - to improve health outcomes for California's diverse populations. 

Patient-Centered Community Health Worker Intervention to Improve Posthospital Outcomes: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Socioeconomic and behavioral factors can negatively influence posthospital outcomes among patients of low socioeconomic status (SES). Traditional hospital personnel often lack the time, skills, and community linkages required to address these factors. During hospital admission, CHWs worked with patients to create individualized action plans for achieving patients’ stated goals for recovery. The CHWs provided support tailored to patient goals for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Better Health Through Equity

Healthy People 2020, the nation’s health objectives for the current decade, defines health equity as the “attainment of the highest level of health for all people. Achieving health equity requires valuing everyone equally with focused and ongoing societal efforts to address avoidable inequalities, historical and contemporary injustices, and the elimination of health and health care disparities.” Such goals aren’t unfamiliar to public health practitioners.

Community Health Workers in California: Sharpening Our Focus on Strategies to Expand Engagement

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides a policy framework to re-imagine a system of care that emphasizes health and wellness through new models of primary care and population health interventions. These new models offer the potential to deliver care services at a lower cost, to detect and treat disease earlier, to deploy data and technology to improve population health outcomes, and to address social and environmental conditions that impede efforts to improve health.

Community Health Worker (CHW) Toolkit

CDC has compiled evidence-based research that supports the effectiveness of CHWs in the Community Health Worker Toolkit. The toolkit also includes information that state health departments can use to train and further build capacity for CHWs in their communities, as well as helpful resources that CHWs can use within their communities.

Community Health Workers: A Review of Program Evolution, Evidence on Effectiveness and Value, and Status of Workforce Development in New England

Disparities across racial and socioeconomic lines in the utilization of health care services and in patient outcomes continue to plague healthcare systems in the U.S. (AHRQ, 2008; Smedley, 2003; Children’s Defense Fund, 2006).

Addressing Chronic Disease through Community Health Workers: A Policy and Systems-level Approach

This document provides guidance and resources for implementing recommendations to integrate community health workers (CHWs) into community-based efforts to prevent chronic disease. After providing general information on CHWs in the United States, it sets forth evidence demonstrating the value and impact of CHWs in preventing and managing a variety of chronic diseases, including heart disease and stroke, diabetes, and cancer. In addition, descriptions are offered of chronic disease programs that are engaging


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