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Hi, First of all i would like to express my gratitue for this website, very interesting and helpful. I am preparing my final project for my Master in Public Health with the London School and Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,and i was interesting on doing literature review, and maybe field work ,on CHWs in developing countries in the area of nutrition or vaccines. Is there anyone that could give me any advice or input on which could be a gap to fullfil with my reasearch?Thanks very for your time! Elena


Thank you so much for your kind words; we will pass this onto others that are working in the field of vaccines and nutrition to see what kind of response we get.  There are a few organizations that focus on nutrition -   GAIN -  and  Manoff -  that may have more guidance.  Certainly GAVI ( is another organization that deals with vaccines, as well as PATH ( and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (  


I hope you can reach out to some of them, but we will send you any other guidance we receive.


Best, CHW Central Team 

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