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Meelan Thondoo, Daniel Ll Strachan, Maureen Nakirunda, Sozinho Ndima, Abel Muiambo, Karin Källander, Zelee Hill, The InSCALE Study Group

Community health workers are reemerging as an essential component of health systems in low-income countries. However, there are concerns that unless they are adequately supported, their motivation and performance will be suboptimal. mHealth presents an opportunity to improve support for community health workers; however, most interventions to date have been designed through a top-down approach, rarely involve the end user, and have not focused on motivation.

In this paper, the authors present formative research findings from Uganda and Mozambique on CHWs’ views on the potential role of mHealth in their work delivering integrated community case management (iCCM) of childhood diseases. The data were collected as part of the formative research for the inSCALE project, which aims to test innovative approaches to improving the motivation, performance, and retention of CHWs to improve the quality and coverage of iCCM.

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