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"'I'm a Health Worker' - Abduaraman Gidi" made by IntraHealth International.

Daniel Palazuelos, PIH Community Health Systems Initiative Round Table Series

 For the organizations who have dedicated themselves to building good CHW programs, where can they go to learn how to make programs that are built to thrive? The Center for Health Market Innovation awarded two like-minded health delivery organizations, Last Mile Health in Liberia and Possible in Nepal, a learning exchange grant. This funded a small team from each group to visit each other's sites and engage in a concerted conversation about the decisions they've made, the pros and cons of each, with the goal of discovering new ways to do their respective community health work differently, better.  


  • Isha Nirola: the Community Health Director at Possible. She leads the Community Health strategy and oversees operations at two key levels of Possible’s hub-and-spoke healthcare model – clinics and community health workers. 
  • Kirby Erlandson: formally the Director of Quality and Innovation at Last Mile Health, now starting medical school.


  • Learn more about the community health landscapes in Liberia and Nepal
  • Learn about how Possible Health in Nepal and Last Mile Health in Liberia have tackled the toughest health problems at the community level
  • Engage in a discussion around how different groups in very different contexts can learn from each other how to apply best practices, as Carl Taylor said: “There is no universal solution, but there is a universal process for achieving an appropriate local solution” 


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