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Joseph F Naimoli, Diana E Frymus, Tana Wuliji, Lynne M Franco and Martha H Newsome

The purpose of this paper is to promote early and continuous causal thinking as decision makers design, implement, scale up, and evaluate CHW and other programs that are intended to positively affect the public’s health. The methods section describes how the generic CHW logic model was constructed, drawing explicitly on research in LMICs and the informed opinion of CHW experts with experience in these countries. The results section presents a graphic display of the model
and detailed explanations of its component parts, in both narrative and tabular form. In the discussion section, the authors examine the value and unique contribution of the model and its potential as a tool to guide continuous learning about what works. They also present challenges of translating potential learning into tangible learning and describe some inherent limitations of the model. The paper concludes that, despite these challenges and limitations, the model offers the global health community greater clarity about how to think about, learn about, and ultimately support improved CHW performance.

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