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26 October 2018. Today the World Health Organization (WHO) launched the long-awaited WHO guideline on health policy and system support to optimize community health worker programs (CHW Guideline for short). WHO developed this guideline document to "assist national governments and national and international partners to improve the design, implementation, performance and evaluation of CHW programmes, contributing to the progressive realization of universal health coverage."

Based on a systematic review of the literature and guided by a diverse team of CHW experts, CHWs, professional association and labor union representatives, the guideline provides recommendations in 15 program areas covering critical areas of CHW selection; education and certification; management and supervision; and integration into and support by health systems and communities.

Readers will find the list of specific recommendation areas below and can download the full document at the WHO website by clicking on the link above. 

1. Selection

2. Duration of pre-service training

3. Competencies in curriculum of pre-service training

4. Modalities of pre-service training

5. Competency-based certification

6. Supportive supervision

7. Remuneration

8. Contracting agreements

9. Career ladder

10. Target population size

11. Data collection and use

12. Types of CHWs

13. Community engagement

14. Mobilization of community resources

15. Availability of supplies

Stay tuned to learn more about the guideline launch and what the guideline offers in the weeks to come. 


Access to education of many South Africans especially among the youth in disadvantaged communities has resulted in the challenge of an available cadre of CHWs who do not meet employment criteria due to poor education. This situation creates fear, anxiety and loss of productivity due to uncertainty for job opportunities and career pathing. Thank you for the guideline it will give support to all stakeholders working towards the improvement the CHW programme in our country.

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