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The achievement of universal health coverage requires the availability of trained health workers at the community level. CHWs are an essential element of the community health workforce; yet, to harness the potential of CHWs to extend health services to poor and marginalized populations, there is an urgent need to optimize CHW programs.

In celebration of UHC Day, CHW Central is pleased to share the newly updated Program Functionality Matrix from the original 2011 Community Health Worker Assessment and Improvement Matrix (CHW AIM) package. To support quality CHW program design and implementation, USAID, UNICEF, the Community Health Impact Coalition, and Initiatives Inc. updated and adapted the Matrix. Program managers and advisors can apply this tool at district, regional, and national levels to identify and close gaps in design and implementation and, ultimately, enhance program performance.

In addition to a fresh design, those familiar with CHW AIM will find in this version a reduction in the number of components from 14 to just 10, and updated guidance on CHW incentivization, accreditation, recruitment, data, and community involvement, among other improvements.

Click here to access the document on our resource page.

CHW Central is managed by Initiatives Inc. Site start-up was supported by the USAID Health Care Improvement Project in 2011.

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