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Members have indicated they prioritize the downloadable documents that CHW Central offers. We have a wide spectrum of information, tools and research on global and domestic health workers and welcome your publications. Here are a few that you may want to investigate more closely:



How effective are community health workers?
Henry Perry and Rose Zulliger, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 2012
Community Health Workers (CHWs) provide a critical and essential link with health systems and are a powerful force for promoting healthy behaviors in resource-constrained settings. During the past decade, there has been an explosion of evidence and interest concerning community health workers and their potential for improving the health of populations where health workforce resources are limited. Given the massive shortage of health workers in Africa and Asia – recently estimated to be 4.25 million workers– the inequitable distribution of health workers within countries, and the need to accelerate progress in achieving the MDGS for health, it is essential to take stock of the current body of evidence.


Community Health Workers Evidence-Based Models Toolbox- HRSA Office of Rural Health Policy
HHS and HRSA 2011
This is a tool created by the U.S. Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP) to support the development of CHW programming in rural areas in the U.S. It draws on and shares lessons learned from proven CHW program models. The toolkit has eight modules: Introduction to CHWs; CHW Program Models; Training Approaches for CHWs; Implementation of CHW Programs; Planning for Sustainability; Measuring and Evaluating the Impact of CHW Programs; Dissemination of CHW Resources and Promising Practices; and, a Rural CHW Program Clearinghouse.


Tools to Introduce Community Case Management (CCM) of Serious Childhood Infection
Save the Children 2011
This comprehensive toolkit presents more than 20 integrated tools that can be used to implement integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) strategies to deliver life-saving treatments for common serious childhood infections: pneumonia, newborn sepsis, malaria and diarrhea. The tools offer proven frameworks for training, equipping and supervising CHWs and planning and monitoring their work. The tools are each presented in a one-page format, followed by one or more examples.


Creating an Enabling Environment for Task Shifting in HIV and AIDS Services: Recommendations Based on Two African Country Case Studies
USAID Health Policy Initiative 2010
This document provides case studies from Uganda and Swaziland on current policies and approaches to task shifting with regard to HIV/AIDS. The case studies use interviews and focus group discussions with various health care providers to make recommendations on: 1. creating an enabling policy environment for task shifting; 2. integrating task shifting as part of a sector-wide approach to strengthen the health system; 3. establishing standards to govern the recruitment and training of new and existing health workers; 4. recognizing and providing remuneration to those taking on more responsibilities.



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