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August 30, 2018 marked an important milestone for CHW Central. We reached 1000 resources! That’s 1000 sources of information about how to make CHWs effective in their work to expand access to quality health services for the poorest and most underserved populations in the US and across the globe.

These resources demonstrate that when properly trained and supported, CHWs improve the health and wellbeing of the populations they serve. Yet, as the numbers of CHWs rapidly expand across the globe, we still have a lot to learn about how to bring CHW programs to scale and make them sustainable.

Since 2011, CHW Central has been identifying and posting publications, white papers, reports, podcasts, webinars and other material that advances knowledge and understanding about CHWs and CHW programs.  These resources only make a difference if they are used,  and you have used them! Our most popular resources have been accessed thousands of times. These valued tools include:

We know these and the other 990+ resources CHW Central offers have made a difference to you and to global efforts to make CHW programs more effective and sustainable. We’re proud to be a part of this movement and grateful to you for coming back to CHW Central time-and-again as a source of quality information and engagement about CHWs and CHW programs.

If you haven’t searched our resources page in a while, check in again to see what’s new.

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CHW Central is managed by Initiatives Inc. Site start-up was supported by the USAID Health Care Improvement Project in 2011.

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