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Michele Gaudrault and Polly Walker

World Vision's Timed and Targeted Counselling for Health and Nutrition (ttC) is a comprehensive training course for CHWs, Care Groups and volunteers working in maternal and child health. ttC takes a life-cycle approach, supporting through pregnancy to two years of age, which offers the best opportunity to put children on a path to life-long health. World Vision’s newly released 2nd edition builds on our ttC experience in 23 countries, and addresses critical gaps such as early child development, perinatal mental health, essential newborn care and care of the HIV-exposed and HIV-positive infant. ttC-2 includes prioritized care for the most vulnerable cases such as people living with HIV/AIDS, adolescent mothers, single parent families, people in conditions of extreme poverty or with chronic health conditions. It seeks to more directly address the health equity gap by prioritising individuals and families with the greatest burden of disease, and barriers to health. 

Taking a more family-centred approach, in ttC-2 CHWs will learn practical skills for addressing health and nutrition, promoting the involvement of fathers, and enabling CHWs to identify barriers to health, respond to difficulties such as violence and psychosocial problems and teach parents and caregivers the basic skills for promoting early child development from birth.

World Vision’s m-ttC Mobile application is available on request.

TTC 2nd Edition Package of Materials:

  • The ttC Toolkit for Programme Planners
  • ttC 2nd Edition Trainers Guide
  • ttC 2nd Edition Facilitators Manuals
  • ttC 2nd edition Participants Manual
  • ttC 2nd Edition Job Aids: Storybooks and Household Handbook
  • ttC 2nd Edition Guidance and Training Manual for Data Collections and Supportive Supervision

TTC 1st Edition also available in French and Spanish on the World Vision website:
TTC 1st Edition  - in French
TTC 1st Edition – in Spanish

Other associated documents:
ttC Evidence brief for Integration of MHPSS and Psychological First Aid
WHO’s Psychological First Aid, a Manual for Field Workers
WHO/UNICEF’s Care for Child Development
Global Health Media Newborn Care Video Series

Publishing information:
Authors: Michele Gaudrault and Polly Walker
Copyright information:
© World Vision International 2014
Facilitator’s Manual for Training in ttC 2nd Edition.
Facilitator’s Manual for Training in ttC 1st Edition published 2011.
Please refer to use disclaimer in the manuals for further information about using/adapting these resources.


Preferred citation:
Timed and Targeted Counselling for Health and Nutrition 2nd edition: A Comprehensive Training Course for Community Health Workers © World Vision International (2015).

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