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  • The Community Leadership Development Programs is a training designed for rural leaders to help them understand the processes that contribute to better healthcare management and the steps to build effective teamwork. The program creates support and buy-in for health programs and infrastructure development through a series of workshops that focus on: visioning, health and education, leadership...

    Reads: 1,990
    Author(s): Management Sciences for Health
  • This three-year mulitcountry study was undertaken with the objective of determining the extent to which the community directed approach could effectively provide integrated delivery of other health interventions. CDI achieved significantly higher coverage than currently used delivery  approaches for all interventions except DOTS. The study concludes that CDI is an effective and efficient model...

    Reads: 1,448
    Author(s): The CDI Study Group
  • This tool provides a training structure to improve the quality of health care at the dispensary level through training nurses. This document also aims to build capacity of the community committees emphasizing proper management of dispensaries and to incorporate management into the role of the dispensary nurses.

    Reads: 1,296
    Author(s): Kwale Health Systems with Aga Khan Health Services
  • The PARTICIPATORY INFORMATION SYSTEMS APPRAISAL (PISA) Action Guide systematically introduces and explains the concepts and strategies needed to make well informed, data-based decisions while empowering key stakeholders in the process. The action guide outlines team preparation activities, data collection methods, data analysis and action planning, and team learning & follow up activities...

    Reads: 1,314
    Author(s): PACT
  • This field guide is designed for health program directors and managers of community-based programs who are considering using community mobilization to improve health at the individual, family, and community level. The field guide contains illustrative examples and lessons learned in community mobilization experiences from around the world, focusing on working with disadvantaged or marginalized...

    Reads: 1,763
    Author(s): Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs
  • The purpose of the tool is to learn and understand more about community capacity - what it is, how it can be assessed, and how it can be strengthened. The tool is an assessment process that engages communities in capacity assessment. There are seven domains including: sense of community; communication; participation; leadership; resources, knowledge, and skills; and ongoing learning.

    Reads: 2,551
    Author(s): David Thompson Health Centre
  • This manual, published by Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA), aims to provide information for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to develop and mobilize civil society¹s engagement with AIDS councils and build effective governance of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The manual also stresses the importance of taking local context into consideration when the workshops are given. The authors...

    Reads: 1,096
    Author(s): Institute for Democracy in South Africa
  • Building contexts that support effective community responses to HIV/AIDS: a South African Case Study discusses a health-enabling social environment, and some of the strategies currently being used to build social contexts to support effective HIV/AIDS management in southern Africa. The authors aim to illustrate and share contextual changes that will enable more effective community-led HIV/AIDS...

    Reads: 1,183
    Author(s): Campbell, Catherine; Nair, Yugi; Maimane, Sbongile
  • This presentation summarizes a study performed in 4 Africa countries: Guinea, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire and Togo. The study examines the effect of training community health workers on Onchoceriacis control. The study concludes that utilizing CHWs can empower communities and citizens to work towards healthier lifestyles. Utilizing CHWs as a strategy has tremendous scope and potential to...

    Reads: 1,257
    Author(s): Boatin, Boakye
  • The community-directed interventions  (CDI) strategy achieved a desired coverage of the ultimate treatment goal of at least 90% with ivermectin distribution for onchocerciasis control, and filled the gap between the health care services and the communities. One of the research questions included how the primary actors (community-directed heath workers and community-directed health supervisors...

    Reads: 1,081
    Author(s): Katabarwa, M.N., Habomugisha, P., Richards, JR, F.O., and Hopkins, D.


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