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"'I'm a Health Worker' - Abduaraman Gidi" made by IntraHealth International.

Diana Frymus, Maryse Kok, Korrie de Koning and Estelle Quain

Though a wealth of knowledge and evidence is available on key aspects of CHW programs, critical knowledge gaps remain. To enable the environment for increased evidence-based decision making at the country level, adequate emphasis must be placed on continuing to strengthen the evidence base for CHWs. This paper attempts to identify all CHW knowledge gaps and outlines recommendations for the way in which research should be conducted to enable greater benefit and utilization of results. The paper also proposes ways to enable greater exchange of research activity information and findings and collaboration at both the global and country level. A CHW research agenda needs also to focus attention on the use of more appropriate study designs and methodologies for answering some of the complex programmatic and policy questions that remain.

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