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World Vision

World Vision is currently engaged in a wide range of community health activities worldwide, many of which draw on the efforts of community health workers or CHWs. CHWs are community-based members who have been trained to deliver basic health services but who do not hold a professional health qualification. Whilst the roles and cadres of CHWs vary widely between programmes and countries, there are some central principles that can be applied to ensure that the projects will be established with quality, sustainability and effectiveness, regardless of the programme model that the CHWs are delivering. These principles are based on the exhaustive review of evidence and research into the essential elements of CHW programme delivery, and apply to all types of models and interventions including ttC, CCM (community case management), cPMTCT (prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV) and others.

This resource includes a CHW functionality matrix and information on CHW principles of practice and quality standards for CHW functionality. 

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